* Design, publication and broadcast of neurodiversity focused educational and support resources.

* Workshops, engaging activities, mentoring and resources for neurodivergent children, their peer groups and schools that provide a helpful insight into neurological differences, strengths and behaviours and boost neurodivergent esteem.

* Mentoring help for parents who struggle with their complex kids, to look for and understand their children's complex strengths so that they can get back to loving the adventure by empowering the whole family.

* Affordable training and resources for teachers struggling to manage classes with diverse and sometimes challenging students. Deepening understanding of the ways neurodivergent minds benefit from different motivational tactics, so that they can achieve the best from and for their students by providing an inclusive environment.

* Mentoring and coach approach support for neurodivergent individuals who are struggling to 'get on' in life. To help exploration and better understanding of motivation. To increase agency/personal power by seeing and playing to strengths.

* Consultation, resources and training for support staff of neurodivergent individuals, including those who use behaviour to communicate. To better understand those behaviours, identify barriers and strengths so that they can finally reduce incidents and battles through new effective strategies.

* Consultation, resources and training for businesses/managers who struggle to effectively support neuro-not-so-typical and neurodivergent staff. To develop clear understanding of neurodivergence and inclusive practice so that they can make effective reasonable adjustments and improve communication.


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