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We offer support, connection, mentoring, talks, workshops and training.

Drawing on the proven success of: strengths-based coaching, positive psychology, Choice Theory, Appreciative Enquiry and decades of personal and professional experience in the field of learning disabilities, neurodiversity, and behaviours-that-challenge.
Coupled with years of study and training in a wide range of supporting practices: from restorative justice, team coaching and developing, group hosting, diversity equity and inclusion, time management, reflective practice, anger management, safeguarding, mindfulness and yoga, to ancient and traditional personal and group empowerment techniques.

I highly recommend Julia's work and the services she provides

I have a recently diagnosed autistic child. Although prior to his diagnoses he displayed some challenging behaviours. Julia gave me advice to help understand my sons behaviour, how to understand and best support him. So life at home is now much easier and I can enjoy life with my son.
Her approach is fresh progressive and child centred. She is so wise and down to earth some of her advice not only made sense but is life changing and made me reassess my own thought processes and attitude to parenting and life in general.

Julia also taught me self care. To look after myself to be kind to myself so I can find joy in my own life and I'm then better able to support my children. Thank you so much.

The most important aspect for me is seeing the strengths my child has and working with those to build in his skills. She gave me step by step support for different situations that My child and I found difficult Thank you again.

Julia gave me time, effort, understanding, and care beyond expectation. I highly recommend her work and the services she provides
                                                                                                   RH Brighton.



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