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"The whole content was absolutely incredible. The training provided a holistic understanding of neurodiversity, and I am confident about implementing the knowledge gained today."

Bespoke training, webinars, and resources

There were so many a-ha moments. It is a subject i have looked at in depth but there were still so much i hadn't come across. Learning about ODD and PDA was interesting. The life expectancy of autistic adults was shocking…”


Exploring your Journey
with Neurodivergence?

'We-Q', not IQ, for the win!

'Julia held a space where I felt safe to be vulnerable in order to work through my thoughts.
Her calming and intuitive nature always helps me to manifest powerful thinking. Thank you!'

 A range of personal and group sessions



Workshops for families and communites



'Edu-tainment' resources for Young People


Complex Strengths' Services

  • Training for organisations ready to create a thriving Neurodivergence Positive Culture for all their staff.

  • Design, publication and broadcast of Neurodivergence Positive educational and support resources.

  • Workshops and mentoring support for parents.

  • Insightful and effective neurodiversity training and resources for teachers.

  • Workshops, engaging activities, mentoring and resources for Neurodivergent children, their peer groups, and schools. 

  • Psychoeducational, coaching, and mentoring support for Neurodivergent individuals exploring their neurotype.



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