Art and neuroscience to change minds about behaviour

Celebrating, honouring, and employing the power of neurodivergent minds


Our Work

* Design, publication and broadcast of neurodiversity focused educational and support resources.

* Mentoring help for parents to look for and understand their children's complex strengths so that they can get back to loving the adventure of parenting by empowering the whole family.

* Affordable training and resources for teachers struggling to manage classes with diverse students. Deepening understanding of the ways neurodivergent minds benefit from different motivational tactics to neurotypical minds, so that they can achieve the best from and for their students by providing a truly inclusive environment.

* Workshops, engaging activities, mentoring and resources for neurodivergent children, their peer groups and schools that provide a helpful insight into neurological differences, strengths and behaviours and boost neurodivergent esteem.

* Mentoring and coach approach support for neurodivergent individuals who are struggling to 'get on' in life. To help them explore and embrace their neurology, and step into their own power by learning how their physiology works best and playing to their own strengths.

* Consultation, resources and training for support staff of people with behaviours that challenge. To explore how neurodivergence might contribute to those behaviours. This can help identify barriers and strengths and reduce incidents.

* Consultation, resources and training for businesses/managers who struggle to effectively support neuro-not-so-typical and neurodivergent staff. To develop clear understanding of neurodivergence and inclusive practice so that they can make effective reasonable adjustments.

I highly recommend Julia's work and the services she provides

I have a recently diagnosed autistic child. Although prior to his diagnoses he displayed some challenging behaviours. Julia gave me insights to help me understand my son's behaviour, how to understand and best support him. So life at home is now much easier and I can enjoy life with my son.
Her approach is fresh progressive and child centred. She is so wise and down to earth some of her advice not only made sense but is life changing and made me reassess my own thought processes and attitude to parenting and life in general....

 ...The most important aspect for me is seeing the strengths my child has and working with those to build in his skills. Julia gave me step by step support for different situations that my child and I found difficult as well as
 time, effort, understanding, and care beyond expectation. I highly recommend her work and the services she provides

                                                                                                   RH Brighton.



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